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Custom Applications (LAD CAPPS)

Step through LAD CAPPS Features and Benefits to see what they can do for you.

  1. CAPPs Basics
  2. Applications
  3. Operational Integration
  4. Benefits
  5. Getting Started
Libraries and Directories Custom Applications (LAD-CAPPS)cover a wide range of functional applications.

We have established some basic applications as examples, to illustrate potential uses and to make many start up operations virtually turn-key.

LADD-CAPPS gives you the capability to provide :
  • superior, expanded client support services
  • improved staff development
  • with the same staff
  • less effort
  • and lower costs than your current operations

Used internally, LADD-CAPPS can serve as the base for:
  • improved real time communications
  • superior learning and development of staff
  • improved productivity
  • more responsive client support
  • while actually reducing current costs

That translates into:
  • increased retention of current clients from superior service
  • better marketing tools to attract new clients
  • internally, access to the library resources provides best on the job learning and development at the same time it improves productivity and customer service
  • integration of LAD products to your current offerings expands your current revenue base

No other product can provide the same return on investment as LADD-CAPPS !