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  • Designed to reduce cost while improving effectiveness
  • simple informal learning products available 24 x 7
  • collaborative learning options:
    • discussion forums - social learning
    • private messaging systems direct connections with mentors or project teams
    • document / resource sharing
  • Optional modules for monitoring and reporting:
    • activity reporting
    • performance testing
  • CEU testing and record keeping support

Designed to reduce current development costs

  • addresses the 4 major issues of formal training
    • high costs or classes, conference and seminars.. plus travel costs
    • does not remove the person from his daily responsibilities
    • timing of most training and developmental activities does no coincide with what they are currently working on, and by the time that topic comes up, most of the training is forgotten
    • formal training, individual by individual makes transference of knowledge to colleagues very difficult

Associations can build CEU programs

  • integration of their own proprietary material into library
  • modules for testing and issuing CEU certs
  • access to CEU database for ease of verification

Integration into daily operations

  • customizable by industry, function & application
  • On the Job Training
  • link your experts to the staff
  • build your own programs by integrating your own resources into the LAD Libraries
  • Just in Time Learning
  • designed for integration into organization's internal systems

Integration of Organization Resources and Materials

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You can implement your learning center in stages, starting with a basic library package and then add in options (collaborative resources, discussion forums, etc) as needed.

The Next Generation of eLearning - an Answer the Insurance Industry has been looking for

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