LAD Memberships

We consider anyone who has a business relationship with us ( current or in the past) to be a LAD Member.

Each LAD Member will have an unique member-id and password.

All membership information is only for internal use. No membership information is ever sold or made available to 3rd parties. However, there are 3 exceptions:

  • Professional Directory members may choose to exactly what information to display on their listings and microsites and to which section of the public would have access to that information

  • Certain types of LAD POSTING ZONES require contact information to be included and as such open to public access

  • If we are presented with a bonafide legal request for information, we reserve the right to honor the request.

All LAD Members can transact their business with us through their Member Account area.

LAD Members with multiple relationships with us will have only a single member-id / password, thus simplifying communications and the updating of information.

The following is a partial list of type of LAD Memberships:

  • Library Membership

  • Professional Directory Member

  • Company Directory Admin

  • Gateway Administrator

  • ICM Author

  • Library Group Admin

  • Corporate Contact

  • Corporate L-AD Spaces Admin

  • Lad Posting Zones Admin - Contributor

  • LAD Package Admin

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