LAD Products & Services

Programs and Partners

While we have many off the shelf products and services, we welcome the opportunity to piece them into the LAD Programs in creative ways, even developing and integrating custom applications, to precisely fit our the needs of our clients.

We develop these customized packages for a number of reasons:

  • it helps our clients see the many different ways they can utilize our services
  • it keeps us focused on the specific needs of our diverse set of clients
  • and both of those things help us to continue to design, develop and deliver superior products and services to the marketplace.

Applications and Areas

  • Internal - Operations Support
    • general reference
    • research
    • regulatory compliance
    • legal research

  • Internal - Professional Development
    • general education - training for insurance, safety, risk management industries
    • On-The-Job training for specific areas ( loss control, safety, compliance departments)

  • Marketing
    • directory listing
    • target marketing by directory and category
    • advantages of content marketing (ICM)

  • Agency (distribution chain) Development
    • support your agency plant by integrating your advertisements with their listings
    • category filters link your representatives to you

  • Client Support (risk mgt, insurance, claims, and safety industries)
    • provide your staff with a top quality resource and they can provide more professional services, faster
    • set up your large accounts with their own dedicated gateways
    • gateways can provide customized market niches for you and your firm

  • Business Products and Services Providers
    • Business Support areas get carried in all 7 directories

Industries, Companies and Professionals

  • Insurance Carriers

  • Large Agencies, Brokers

  • MGAs

  • Wholsalers

  • Small Agencies

  • Associations

  • Risk Management Consultants

  • Safety Consultants

  • Business Consultants

  • HR Consultants

  • Recruiters

  • Attorneys

  • Expert Witnesses

  • General Contractors

  • Manufacturers

  • Marketing Consultants - Ad Agencies