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Navigation between Sites

For navigation throughout our Family of Sites, we have two distinct beacons that are used for identification and navigation. These beacons will appear on every page and by using these beacons, you can hop between the different libraries and directories with ease.

The Libraries Beacon (left) has cylindrical segments and can be used to navigate to any of the libraries. The segment representing each library will always stay in that position and you can mouse over each to see what library each represents. Whenever you see the beacon, you can simply click on the library you want to go to that library's homepage. This beacon will appear on each of the library pages and can be used at any time.

The Directories Beacon (right) is similar but uses triangular shaped segments to represent each of the directories. Again, each directory will mantain that location in the beacon and can be moused over and clicked on. This beacon will appear on all the directory pages and can be clicked on at any time.

The center of each beacon will bring you to the Libraries and Directories homepage.

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Navigation within the Libraries

In each Library, the resources are generally organized into Main Categories and Sub-Categories. Once on a Sub-Category page, you will see a list of resources with each resource having a brief description of what it provides. Once you click on a resource, you receive a detailed description of what to expect at the link including navigation tips, what specific resources are available, if PDF files are used, and other pertinent information. This is a unique benefit because we link directly to specific resources, not just homepages and summaries of what resources provide. This 'point and click drill down' method is extremely effective.

There are several paths you can use to get to the 30,000 resources. Due to the breadth and depth of the resources, we have chose to organize access to the resource in several unique ways. Each Library is sorted five different ways:

  1. What's New - Highlighting any new or updated resources by Main Category. The initial list displays every main category in the library and the number of new/updated records in the last 30 days as well as the 31-60 day period. You can click directly on the new resources or go to any of the sub categories available.

  2. Main Entrance - This is the standard method by which everything else is built around. Every resource is divided into a single category, broken down into Main and Sub Categories. This way you can find similar resources based on exactly what you are looking for. Within each category, there are related categories that we have cross referenced.

  3. Professional Guides - Specific Professions have unique considerations and you can find your profession here with a complete list of categories, topics and resources that would be of assistance.

  4. Hot Topics - A variety of resources and categories are needs for different topics. These hot topics list resources that effect specific issues in your industry.

  5. Special Resources - The resources are sorted by what type of resource they are. For example, if you are looking for specific checklists, templates, or samples for a given category, this might be the palce to start.

Library Flowchart

As you can see, no matter which method you choose, you still end up at the valuable resources. It is just a matter of how you get to the destination. By sorting the libraries in this manner, you can easily find what you need. It saves you time by not having to find, sort, describe and maintain the information yourself. We have done the work, so you can quickly and easily ascertain if the resource is what you need. Our unique 'point and click drill down' to find information contained in the libraries helps you increase your productivity.

Navigation in the Directories

Each Directory lists both Companies and Professionals in the industry and category of your choice. Similar to the Libraries, the Directories and listing are broken down into Main Categories and Sub-Categories. You can either browse the categories by Industry (Companies and Professionals) or you can view the categories by Profession (Professionals only).

Once you are in a specific sub-category, you will see a listing of either Companies or Professionals with general information about that entity. You can click any company or professional to find out more information.

Directory Flowchart

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