What We Offer

We search the Net... so you don't have to!

Simply put, that's what we do... We search the Net... so you don't have to!

Our experts scour the web for the best content and information available that solve problems and answer questions. We organize and maintain that content-rich information with easy-to-use, fingertip access to our subscribers and users.


Our Library services are intended to provide quick and easy access to information available on the internet. With our Libraries, we take the time to dig deep to find those materials that are hard to find - and then keep track of them as sites are reworked. Not only do we continuously search the internet for new material, we also eliminate outdated material and are constantly fixing broken links. Frankly, our subscribers just don't have the time to do this for themselves.

Our expert-selected content is organized in a 'drill-down' format of main categories and sub categories for easy use or you can use our Search LAD. Each main category and sub category have the best resources available on the web. We search the Net... so you don't have to! The information is sorted 5 different ways

  • by Category - directory style

  • by What's New - recent additions to the library

  • by Type of Resource - checklists, templates, forms, tutorials, quizzes, news, etc... in our Special Resources

  • by Profession - resources of interest to industry professionals (Risk Managers, Safety Directors, etc) in our Professional Guides

  • by Topics - today's Hot Topics

All of the Libraries & Directories are designed to meet the needs of businesses, both large and small, that require quick answers to their questions and reference materials that can be put to immediate use. The Libraries & Directories reduce current operating costs with superior reference materials for less cost and superb continuing education resource which increase staff productivity.

We focus on specific industries and have experts create, develop, organize, evaluate and maintain the Libraries. The rmLibrary focuses on the Risk Management and Insurance industry. The Safety Library concentrates on all aspects of safety across industries. The Business Library brings together the best resources for all business professionals. The HR Library assembles rich content for Human Resources professionals across industries. The Transportation Library focuses on the transportation industry and Building ACES concentrates on the construction, building and architecture industry.


Our Directories compile useful information on companies (and professionals) that provide products and services by industry. The Directories organization is similar to the Libraries for ease of use. Company listings have their city and state and a link to their homepage on the web, and they can also include a company profile, products, news, locations, FAQs, career, as well as contact information. Useful information to find a company to help meet your needs.

Our directories focus on specific industries and professions to provide the best and most useful group of companies. The rmDirectory is for the Risk Management and Insurance industry. The Safety Directory focuses on safety. The HR Directory concentrates on Human Resources functions across industries. Transportation Experts are transportation industry experts and Building ACES concentrates on the construction, building and architecture industry.

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