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The Libraries & Directories began with the creation of online resource libraries in 1996 with the rmis.com resource library, now simply referred to as rmLibrary. Libraries & Directories focus on the innovative idea of providing content...not advertising on the web. The risk management community, in over a dozen different disciplines, enjoys rmLibrary as the premier informational resource on the net that helps answer questions and solve problems.

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Libraries & Directories welcomes subscribers from over 150 countries, 300 universities, and 5000 companies and organizations

With strong content...not advertising, professionals utilize Libraries and Directories to quickly and easily find valuable resources that save time, increase productivity and generate innovative ideas. Our subscriber comments explain it best.

Thousands of people find one of the Libraries every day from recommendations from consulting firms, organizations, governmental agencies, search engines, universities and more. We are grateful for the recommendations and kind words they use to describe us.

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