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  1. This agreement is between Libraries & Directories, Inc. (L&D) and the individual member as a separate and distinct entity from any group affiliations.
  2. Library Subscribers are granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable single subscription to the library (e.g. rmLibrary ).
  3. Subscriber is not permitted to share access to the library with others.
  4. Subscriber may not copy, distribute, modify, reverse engineer, or create derivative works from library without the written consent of L&D. This includes using the library as a source for links for their own web sites, internal as well as external. Subscriber agrees that to do so would be the cause of great harm to L&D.
  5. The use of an off-line browser with the library is not permitted.
  6. Remedies for violations of the above will not be limited to subscription fees.
  7. L&D, in its sole discretion, may terminate the subscription for any reason, including failure to adhere to any of the above conditions.
  8. Subscriber may terminate the subscription at any time upon notice to L&D, however subscriber will not be entitled to any refund of pre-paid fees.
  9. Due to the number of independent sources included in the library, the ever changing nature of the internet, and the technical nature of much of this material, L&D cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or authenticity of any information derived from the internet. The subscriber alone is responsible for the choice of information and its application.
  10. Subscriber information will neither be shared nor sold to any other company or organization, whether obtained during registration, communications with L&D, or entered into any of the personal tools, group gateways or group tools used in connection with the library or other services offered by L&D.
  11. If the subscription to the library is part of a group subscription that is paid for, purchased through or subsidized by the group / organization / company, then basic subscriber information (e.g., name, email address and phone number) would be shared with that group.
  12. If group tools or gateways are utilized by the group and subscriber, the subscriber assumes the responsibility of the proper classification separating personal entries from those entries shared with the group.
  13. If the tools, gateways or group tools are to contain confidential information then it is advised that L&D be notified and the application discussed so that the proper level of security can be implemented. While L&D cannot ensure 100% security of information transmitted over the internet, we can provide a high degree of informational security for the applications that warrant it.

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